Finding a mentor

Mentors work with teachers and students to bring real world learning and expertise to the workshops being developed by students. The mentor’s role is very important, as they do not attempt to control the presentation, but are there to provide relevant information and valuable industry links – the students take responsibility for their presentations. Often the best mentors are those that already have a link with the school or local community. For example, a parent who is a farmer or scientist, or works for the local catchment council. Depending on your groups research topic, you may choose an avid gardener or someone involved with the Leadbeater's Possum Recovery Group. A mentor also be someone that your school and students are already working with on an environmental or leadership program. Although they may not be directly contributing to the Kids Teaching Kids aspect of what the students do, they will be taking the knowledge or skills that they have learnt and translating it to their workshop. We suggest first looking within your own community for a mentor. The local council is a great place to start, especially if you are fortunate enough to have a Sustainability or Education Officer, give them a call or shoot through an email. Depending on your location and topic, we may be able to suggest possible mentors. For further information or to discuss suitable mentors please contact the office via