Past Actions

The scope of action taken by KTK schools is vast and highly personalised. Every school approaches this stage of the journey in a very different way. These are a few examples of actions taken by schools as part of their KTK experience.

Adross Primary School (WA)

Adross Primary School's KTK action was prompted by the information they learnt from another school! Attending a 2015 Kids Teaching Kids event, the students of Ardross Primary learnt about the Carnaby’s Cockatoos and the Red Tailed Black Cockatoos that could be found in a reserve near their school campus. With the help of the Ardross River Ranger Cadets and the Waroona District High School Bush Rangers, they helped to revegetate bushland around the Yarloop area which was ravaged by bushfire early 2016 and provide a stable food source and habitat for the endangered birds. This action has continued at the school with the program now aiming to plant 20,000 seedlings.

Lara Primary School (VIC)

Lara Primary School kept their action local and decided to take part in some citizen science! Lucky enough to have a classroom within the grounds of Serendip Sanctuary, the Lara Primary students set out with their Ipads to help collect and record information about the various wetland and grassland flora and fauna. This action has contributed to the Serendip Sanctuary App, whose content was produced by the students of Lara Primary School and includes factual text on many Serendip species, photos, animations and film!

Kurunjang Secondary College (VIC)

Kurunjang Secondary College chose to learn about the importance of water and the water inequality that exists in the world. They linked up with Global Aid Network (GAiN) Australia and decided to raise money for the organisation. Students approached local businesses to find items that could be donated an online auction they ran through their school website. Students also organised a 5 Gallon Challenge, walking around their school oval as many times as possible while carrying a 5 Gallon jug of water (approx 19 litres!).