Finding Inspiration

Finding inspiration for your Kids Teaching Kids journey can vary in difficulty. When based on class work, there are clear topics for investigation as set out by the curriculum, however, when running as a smaller group it can be difficult to engage your students on one specific idea. At the beginning of the Kids Teaching Kids journey, it is not necessary to have a clear, focused topic for your final workshop. Indeed, there is more learning to be had should the group have a wide-reaching topic that they are interested in researching further. Another strong starting point can be the student's own knowledge. With such widespread access to the internet, many students have a strong starting knowledge of environmental or social issues that they may wish to explore. Below we have accumulated some useful resources to hopefully help inspire your research. This includes links to current issues that may prove an interesting topic as well as previous Kids Teaching Kids workshop topics. The Workshop topics are currently in the process of being updated, however, provide a snapshot of the types of topics examined by different schools and how these focuses eventually turned into an engaging workshop.