Stage One: Breaking Down the Problem

The Kids Teaching Kids Journey begins with students reflecting on issues in our wider society and considering their place among it. This is the traditional learning component of the program, with students choosing a topic or issue to research and learn about. Breaking down the problem is where the students’ connections to the wider world begin, with participants beginning to understand the web of connections that keep communities together and their own role within it. It is important that students are encouraged to discuss what is happening in their own communities as well as the world and the changes they would like to see happen. There is a strong emphasis on student choice within the entire program and it is key that the participants make the ultimate decision on their Kids Teaching Kids topic, this is to ensure long-term engagement as well as demonstrating to students that their interests can be aligned with the education world.

Breaking Down the Problem has a strong focus on:

  • Critical reflection and systematic thinking.
  • Examining all sides of the argument – people, communities and countries all have differing opinions, what informs these thoughts and how can they be used to incite change.
  • Thorough research and discussion
  • Connecting the local community to wider world issues. For example, if examining the importance of recycling students should also look at their local recycling process