What is an event?

The final stage of the Kids Teaching Kids journey provides students with an opportunity to connect with other student communities and share their knowledge. Students are tasked with the creation of a workshop which they will present at a special Kids Teaching Kids event during Kids Teaching Kids Week (hosted during the first full week of September). Please note: The power of Kids Teaching Kids week comes from the understanding that during a single 5 day period, thousands of students are coming together across Australia to discuss the environment. However, should this week not work with a school's calendar there is no issue with choosing another, more suitable date during the year. Kids Teaching Kids uses the word event to denote the importance of the work being presented by participating students rather than the size or pomp of the day itself. No two Kids Teaching Kids events are the same with host organisations and schools tailoring the day to suit their unique space, goals and budget. The key aim of any Kids Teaching Kids event is to provide students with the opportunity to be responsible for the overall learning of their peers. Events are a chance for students to talk with like-minded individuals about issues they see as important and to demonstrate their leadership skills. Events may run over 2 days or simply for a single period, however, the outcomes are always the same - empowered students who are ready to be change makers.

Common Event Structures Include:

Single School Events

Students present their workshops to others from their school. This type of event can vary greatly in size dependant on how Kids Teaching Kids has been run in the school. It may involve a full year level spending the day teaching one another or see a small group presenting to younger students during a single period.

Multi-School Event

One school hosts other Kids Teaching Kids schools at their campus for the day. Students present their workshops to one another and have the opportunity to network with peers.

Council Event

The event is organised by the local council in partnership with a host school that provides its campus for the event. These types of events often have a theme. Themes are in no way necessary but can help to focus workshops on a concept or theme important to the overseeing council.

Organisation Event

Generally, a larger sized event run by an environmental education organisation, eco-centre, national park or similar. These events often have a mixture of student workshops and activities led by the host organisation.