What does a workshop look like?

The workshop is the final stage of the Kids Teaching Kids journey – a process that sees students acknowledge what they have learnt and to think about the message they wish to share with their peers.

This is where the students truly learn resilience and examine what it means to be a leader, supporting others to have their voices heard. This is a time for teachers to form a partnership with their students to explore their understanding of a topic and help put into the student's own words the importance of this learning.

Put simply, the workshop is a lesson created by participating students to teach their audience about a chosen topic. Kids Teaching Kids are able to provide a general outline for the workshop, however, workshops are most effective when they draw on individual student strengths and interests. To this end, teachers and students should feel free to deviate as necessary to create a hands-on and interactive experience that suits their personal tastes and interests.

Workshops generally run for 40-minutes. However, they can also go for 20 or 30 minutes. Although occurring at the end of the Kids Teaching Kids Journey, the workshop is by no means the end of the student’s learning, but rather an opportunity to invite others to travel with them into a better future.

For a more indepth look at how a workshop is developed, check out our KTK Workshop Manual.


Introduction (5 minutes)

The introduction should run for approximately 5 minutes and should see the presenters introduce themselves and provide a general overview of the topic. This can be done in a variety of ways; some workshops begin with a rap or a skit while others have created a newsflash video that explains the workshop content.

Costumes are always a big hit with the audience and can help presenters be more engaging and confident when beginning their workshop

Activities (3 x 10mins)

Activities should be interactive and appeal to a wide variety of learning styles. Beginning your planning with a discussion of the different ways people like to learn can be a great way to get students thinking critically about the best ways to teach.

Activities can take the form of a science experiment, physical game, writing task, puzzle, singing, a craft activity, the list is endless. This is where your students engage their audience in their topic and pass on information or a new skill in a hands on way.

Overall, your students will need to organise 3 x 10 minute activities that their audience will cycle through as the workshop progresses.


The reflection rounds off the workshop and gives the audience the chance to provide feedback to their presenters and to talk about ways in which they can make a difference.

Some workshops choose to finish with a pledge, some by signing a relevant petition and others hand out small tokens (such as key rings, badges or bookmarks) to remind their audience of what they have learnt.

Below are a number of useful worksheets and handouts to help you build your workshop, including:

The Workshop Journey - Breakdown
A student-friendly version of our workshop breakdown.

The Workshop Journey - Checklist
Once your students have planned out their workshop, working through this checklist can be a useful way to highlight things that they may not have thought about. For example, what are they going to do if they finish early?

Answering the Unanswerable
We've all had those moments when you get a question from the audience and end up wishing that the ground would open up and swallow you whole! If it's bad for you as an adult, imagine how scary it is for your students. Spending some time talking through with the students what to do if they get a question that they can't answer, can save them from coming away from the workshop feeling like it was a disaster. Remember, the questions come at the end, so if they don't go well, they will be your students' lasting memory!


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