Workshop Toolkit

The Kids Teaching Kids journey is separated into 4 stages, where students move from traditional learning and research through to community action and finally to the workshop. The workshop provides students with the chance to acknowledge what they have learnt throughout their journey and to decide on a message they wish to share with their peers. Some schools choose to pass over the initial journey stages in favour of focusing solely on the workshop. While it is possible to create a workshop without completing the first 3 stages this will impact on the overall learning outcomes achieved by the students and can lead to a loss of the programs ultimate value. However, schools that find themselves either time poor or joining the program quite late in the year will still be able to produce an engaging and informative workshop in a shorter time frame should they wish to take part in an event. Ideally, we recommend that schools begin their Kids Teaching Kids Journey during Term 2, dedicating this time to ‘Breaking Down the Problem’ and ‘Making Connections’. ‘Taking Action’ and the final Workshop will often follow in Term 3. For a more detailed timeline of suggested program progression please see the Resources page below. The following pages break the journey down into its various stages, providing insight, resources and suggestions to help guide you through the Kids Teaching Kids model. Should you require any further support or have questions that aren’t answered on this pages feel free to contact the Kids Teaching Kids education team. The basic information contained on the website has also been turned into Program and Workshop Manuals available for full use once you register your school. Before you begin (if you haven’t done so already), your first step is to register your class/school. If you know an event you would like to attend during Kids Teaching Kids Week, you can sign up straight away for that event. If you are not sure what event to attend, you can still register and we’ll help you find an event nearby. After you register, the Kids Teaching Kids Education Team will be in touch to give you some tips on where to start.