KTK Week – Suggested Timeline

Kids Teaching Kids Week takes place 3-7 September 2018 around Australia


Registrations are now open online until Friday 22 June 2018. New schools/organisations will first need to create an account then log in to register to attend an event or host their own. Returning schools/organisations can log in and register to host an event or to present a workshop.

We suggest getting your registration in as soon as you have an idea that you would like to participate in the 2018 program. The sooner we receive your registration, the more we are able to help you.

Suggested Timeline (Workshop Development)


February 2018 - Registrations to attend event

  • It's free to join and presenting schools receive a free copy of Inspiring the Next Young Environmental Leader (book and DVD)
  • Meet with colleagues to incorporate workshop development and KTK Week into the curriculum

March 2018 - Topic and mentor selection

  • Students brainstorm topics and decide topic by consensus
  • Find a local mentor or contact KTK for assistance to find a mentor
  • Students begin own research and create questions for mentor


April 2018 - Research: students build a solid knowledge base

  • Students continue to research topic
  • Students work with mentor to confirm the validity of their information

May 2018 - Develop the workshop

  • Brainstorm interactive ways to teach about chosen topic
  • Trial possible activities
  • Reflection - what worked/didn't work?
  • Delegate roles
  • Finalise activity choices

 June 2018 - Submit workshop plan

  • Construction of props, resources, costumes etc
  • Rehearse individual parts
  • Develop presenting skills
  • Make sure workshop runs for the allocated time (eg. 40 mins)
  • Students submit workshop plans for review by a teacher and possibly event host. Reviewer provides feedback on the accuracy of content and presentation styles incorporated in the workshop. (i.e. is the information up to date, is the messaging clear, is there a variety of activities?)


July 2018 - Rehearsal and fine tuning

  • Students present workshop to school community
  • Students seek peer feedback for improvement
  • Aim to do a minimum of three presentations prior to KTK Week

August 2018 - Workshop presentation

  • Present workshop to wider community
  • Ensure all resources are ready to go for KTK Week

~ 3-7 September 2018 - Kids Teaching Kids Week ~