KTK Week – Important Information

There is not set theme for Kids Teaching Kids Week. Schools are encouraged to choose a topic linked to a local community project or curriculum already being taught at school. For example, the water cycle, ecosystems, endangered species, reef guardians, urban design, sustainable building, recycling or composting.


It is free to register and registrations open on Monday 16th of December. You will first need to create an account and then log in to register for KTK Week. Registrations close  June 2020; however, the earlier you register the more support we can provide.

As a registered school or organisation you receive:

  • free use of the Kids Teaching Kids Methodology;
  • online and phone support from our education team 5 days a week;
  • a free education pack including full colour Kids Teaching Kids Book and DVD;
  • certificate to recognise your involvement in an award-winning education program;and
  • national recognition through the website www.kidsteachingkids.com.au.


Student-led workshops aim to engage audience members through incorporating a number of different presentation styles such as dance, experimentation, demonstration, games and hands-on activities. They are not solely PowerPoint presentations. Whilst PowerPoint is an effective tool to convey key messages, Kids Teaching Kids seeks to support students to appreciate the diverse ways in which people learn and use this knowledge to entertain and educate their audience.

To find out more about workshop development check out the Workshop Toolkit.