Where Are They Now?

Building resilience and environmental awareness in kids

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Summary of Kids Teaching Kids experience

Since the first River Health Conference in Mildura back in 1999, we have had over 125,000 students attend Kids Teaching Kids events around the country! Over this time, we have met countless students who have inspired us and we know that many of these have gone on to do great things in their chosen field.

Continue to reading to find out what these students have gone on to do and how being part of the Kids Teaching Kids program has impacted on their lives.

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Aaron Johnston

After attending his first Kids Teaching Kids event in 2014, Aaron set up a not-for-profit organisation called 'Estuary Guardians'. The aim of the organisation is to educate all members of the community to look after the Peel-Harvey Estuary. Their motto is Respect-Protect-Connect. Read Aaron's story here

Adelle Matthews

Adelle came along to the 2001 River Health Conference and then returned a decade later as a volunteer in 2011. Since then she has gone on to become a teacher, helping to inspire the next generation of leaders. Read Adelle's story here

Azra Hadzic

Azra was involved in Kids Teaching Kids conferences and Kids Teaching Kids Week events between 2008 and 2013. She loved the experience so much, that she came back to volunteer at the 2015 Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference.

Read Azra's story here

Amy Park

Amy is definitely part of the Kids Teaching Kids family. She first came along to a conference as a student in 2009 and hosted her own event when she was in year 12. Since finishing school, she has come back each year and volunteered at the Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference and has also supported schools in SA to be involved in Kids Teaching Kids Week. Read Amy's story here

Briody Fahey

Despite her young age Briody has started her own not-for-profit organisation 'Youth 4 Beaches' that helps young people understand the importance of the environment and inspires them to take action to help it through workshops and clean ups along her local beach. Read Briody's story here

Ruby Albury

As a teenager, Ruby suffered from anxiety and would do anything she could to avoid public speaking. Despite this, she signed up to be part of a group of students to present at one of our Youth Conferences. Ruby attributes to being part of this to helping her to gain confidence within herself and she now teaches uni students. We invited Ruby back in 2016 to talk about her experiences at a sponsor event to launch the Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference. Read Ruby's story here

Sarah Pilkington

Here's a quote from Sarah's time as a KTK student in 2008/2009: "At the Kids Teaching Kids Conference you inspired hundreds and hundreds of kids, just like us girls who participated in Kids Teaching Kids, to do anything we possibly can; and for someone to do that so naturally was something amazing to be a part of." In 2017, Sarah brought her students from East Loddon P-12 College in regional Victoria, to present at the Melbourne Water KTK Conference. Read Sarah's story here