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The importance of remaining relevant

Every teacher has, at some point in their career, heard the phrase, ‘but when will I use this?’. Although occasionally frustrating, especially when uttered by that one student who also enjoys exclaiming ‘Wow, this is so boring’, it is an important consideration for educators to take on board. Previously, curriculum has focused on basic theories… Read more

Inspiring Learners

Thanks to advances in technology, modern students are very much a part of a global community; in 2015 it was found that adolescents ages 15-17 spent on average 18 hours a week online (click here for source). This global access means that modern day students have an ability to learn amazing things about the world with… Read more

Crossing the Curriculum

For many years, there has been an educational hierarchy in place, a means by which to rank subject areas and attribute importance. This hierarchy in recent years has begun to crumble as the educative world moves towards understanding that one student does not always learn like another. This has dispelled the old teaching practice of writing… Read more

ozEEnews – Creating Environmental and Social Awareness

In the latest edition of ozEEnews, we celebrated how our partnership with Qantas and Sydney Airport helped NSW schools to Connect and Collaborate in 2016. We are all set to continue this great work in 2017 with grants available to assist NSW schools to get involved and exclusive sustainability tours of Sydney Airport available. Get in… Read more

MWKTK17 – Culture – Conservation – Community

We have 507 delegates from 54 schools including interstate representatives from South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. We even have one school coming Australia’s 9th state, New Zealand!!! There were so many requests from schools wanting to present this year, so we have managed to find an extra workshop room and have… Read more