Planning your event

Once you have registered your event, it's time for the fun part to begin. Planning your actual Kids Teaching Kids event! Taking time to plan your Kids Teaching Kids event is the first step to it being a success. Timing and resource allocation is essential,  as is the - who, what, when, where, how and why. So in saying that, where do you start? That’s where the support and resources from Kids Teaching Kids steps in. Guide to Hosting a Kids Teaching Kids Week Event This guide will help you to think through some of the logistical aspects of the event such as what you want to achieve through hosting an event, year levels you are targeting, how many students/schools you would like there. KTK Event Planning Checklist  This checklist breaks down the Event Host Timeline available from the Getting Started page. It can be a useful tool to help make sure your plans on on track and for working out where others may be able to assist. This is the checklist that we use when planning for our big national or state conferences. If this is too detailed for your purposes, then stick to the Event Host Timeline or create your own. Event Risk Management Plan Safety of everyone involved in a Kids Teaching Kids event is essential. This Risk Management Plan will cover a lot of the general risks but make sure you think about site/location specific risks as well. OMG! - Waste-Wise School Event Kit The students attending your event are there to inspire action on various environmental topics, so it makes sense to make your event as environmentally-friendly as possible. A big part of this is the rubbish that is produced on the day and how it is dealt with. Our friends at Environment Education Victoria have produced a great resource to help schools and community groups run a waste-wise event; the Oh My Garbage! - Waste-Wise School Event Kit.
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