Getting schools on board

Once you have sorted out your main event details - theme, date, venue, and maximum capacity - it is time to look at who is going to your event! The earlier that you advertise to get schools on board, the better. That way they have time to add the event to the school calendar, incorporate planning a workshop into the curriculum and have plenty of time to practice their workshop at school prior to the day. Think about advertising your event through local Teacher Environment Networks, local council Education or Sustainability Officers, or other environmental organisations/contacts (eg. ResourceSmart Schools or EcoSchools). It's generally best to email teachers directly, but if you are sending an email to the generic school email address make it "Attn. Sustainability or Science Coordinator" to help make sure it gets to the right person; follow up with a phone call if you can. Attaching a flyer or poster that they can downloaded, printed and put in a staffroom is also a good idea. Make sure you update Kids Teaching Kids with school registrations throughout the year. That way we can make sure the schools have the resources needed to plan their workshop. Kids Teaching Kids Flyer Template Give schools as much detail as possible when you advertise your event - event date, location, year levels that can attend, number of students allowed from each school, workshop length. You can also use your own template for the flyer, just make sure you include the Kids Teaching Kids logo. Kids Teaching Kids Brochure When you are inviting schools, send them the Kids Teaching Kids Brochure along with your flyer so they can read more about what the program is all about. School Registration/Contact List As registrations come in, you will need to keep track of schools, teacher contacts, whether they are presenting a workshop and student numbers; this spreadsheet may help with this. If you are providing catering or are going to print out individual name tags, you will also need to get the names of the students attending; you can use the second tab of this spreadsheet to record this information. School Registration Form You can use this form to get schools to register for your event. As long as you update Kids Teaching Kids with the schools attending your event, there is no need to get individual schools to register via our website. Workshop Toolkit It is recommended that you have a look at the resources in the Workshop Toolkit section of our website. This will be an essential resource for any schools who are presenting a workshop at your event. In particular, you will want to get a Workshop Plan from your presenting schools. This will give you details about what they will be doing in their workshop and will help you in timetabling the day as well as getting any interesting details for media outreach. There are three Workshop Plan templates based on the common workshop lengths - 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes
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