Getting involved


Kids Teaching Kids is all about empowering students, but parents play a critical role in supporting the development of tomorrows leaders. Being involved as a parent not only means you’ll gain a better understanding of the topics your child is working on, but it’s a great opportunity to spend time doing something important together. 
Looking to be more involved as a parent? Joining the obligation-free Kids Teaching Kids program is a great way to start. When you sign up, we’ll provide you with fun and educational content, keep you up to date about the latest Kids Teaching Kids events and you’ll be able to access heavily subsidised home sustainability offers and bonuses from KTK socially conscious partners and sponsors.
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Teachers and Schools

Kids Teaching Kids makes it easy and fun for school students to learn about environmental issues and become confident, caring and informed citizens ready to take on new challenges. KTK provides teachers and schools ready made lesson plans, tools and content for primary and secondary level students.
Kids Teaching Kids learning programs have been designed by learning professionals and developed over 20 years and through the participation of over 140,000 students. In 2019, KTK programs will be enjoyed by over 450 schools and over 8000 students across Australia.
Interested in joining the teachers and schools making a real environmental difference? KTK works with socially conscious partners and sponsors to give teachers and schools access to teacher relief and travel grants, as well as done-for-you community fundraisers to help you ensure ongoing environmental program budget. 
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Individuals and Organisations

Kids Teaching Kids is designed to raise awareness and drive action on local and global environmental issues, bringing communities together to solve common challenges. That community includes you. 
Individuals and organisations can choose to sponsor an event, volunteer or mentor a group of students. These are very valuable experiences that will enable you to gain wide positive exposure while supporting local schools and students involved in Kids Teaching Kids. 
There are also many opportunities for you to join the Kids Teaching Kids program, giving you access to events and heavily subsidised sustainability offers and bonuses for your organisation from KTK socially conscious partners and sponsors.
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Volunteer at an event

We are always looking for volunteers for the Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference to assist us over the 2 day event. Some of the larger Kids Teaching Kids Week events are often on the look out for volunteers to help on the day. Fill out the registration form below or contact the office for more information:


Mentor a school on an environmental project

Mentors play an essential part in the Kids Teaching Kids program – expert mentors assist schools with their chosen workshop topics. Fill out the form below including details of your area of expertise. We will then be in touch to talk about possible schools. Or for more information about being a mentor, please contact the office:


Sponsor an event or school to attend a conference

If you wish to become a sponsor of one of the Kids Teaching Kids conferences or a school to attend a conference please contact 03 8327 8481.