Frequently Asked Questions


Thinking about a student workshop or presentation?

Students are encouraged to make presentations as creative as possible. It would be great to really surprise your audience; instead of coming out and saying "Hi, my name is ___ and we are from ____ School", come out and perform a song or dance. Once you register with your event host or through the Kids Teaching Kids website, you will be provided with lots of resources to help you as well as tips along the way.

What do l need to be mindful of in a presentation?

The more successful workshops have a varied format. Along with PowerPoint, lectures, hands-on activities, games, raps or quizzes have been employed to maintain interest and reinforce the main messages of the presentation. Be aware that time is an important element. All events and conferences run to a program and it's vitally important that presentations end on time. Invariably students end their initial presentation early. It is at this point your experience as a teacher will be invaluable. Provide your students with information and practice about open-ended activities to fill the odd 10-15 minutes that may arise at the end of a presentation. We suggest strongly that each presentation end with a reflection session where, depending on the time available, one, two or the whole audience shares their point of reflection. This is a powerful time for your audience to connect with your message.

Who can you present to before and after the event or conference?

You can present to your class, other classes in your school, the parents committee, community groups, local council and local businesses who may also be potential sponsors. In presenting your workshop you will not only become great presenters, but you will also ensure that your whole community is aware of the great work you have done.

What makes a good presentation into a great presentation?

Practice makes perfect. All schools presenting at the conference should have presented their full workshop at least 5 times and preferably more before the conference or event. When a student group feels comfortable with their presentation a magical performance can be given. Running through the presentation also allows students to make sure they run to time, speak loudly enough for everyone to hear, have enough materials (pens, pencils etc) for everyone and that the workshop runs smoothly even when problems occur.

How long should a presentation be?

This will depend on the event or conference that you are attending. A workshop presentation usually takes place in front of a group of 20-30 students and teachers. Typically workshops are 30-40 minutes long and your students will normally present their workshop twice. It is very important that students choose a locally specific environmental issue.


Which subject teachers are involved with planning a student presentation?

Any specialist curriculum field may tackle environmental education. Traditionally teachers involved in the sciences have initiated our workshop presentations; however, some of our more memorable presentations have come from the teachers associated with the arts. In Primary Schools the presentations have generally demonstrated the best of the integrated curriculum. There are no rules in regard to who initiates the student presentation.

Apart from the educational experience for our students, what added value do educators obtain from this process?

Educators are notorious for taking on extra work when they see there is value for their students, however, there should be professional recognition for this support. Firestarter will provide documentation of your involvement in the professional development of the Kids Teaching Kids approach. Your curriculum vitae will also be enhanced by your involvement in the program. In the past, schools have used their presentations as support for environmental prizes and as requests for funding from organisations such as local councils and service clubs. Above all, we promise you a first class environmental conference. Everyone can do something to improve the environment and make a better world.  

Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference

Do students have to wear school uniform at a Kids Teaching Kids Conference?

School uniform is not a requirement of the conference and it is up to each individual school to make this decision. Students will receive a conference t-shirt to wear at the conference when they register. At past events some schools wear their school uniform when presenting or being interviewed by media. Students are encouraged to bring casual clothes for the dinners and older clothes for the Environmental Project Day.

Will other people supervise my students during the conference?

No. It is your responsibility to supervise your students at all times, even during the conference activities. It is also a school responsibility to obtain all necessary approvals, parent's permission, dietary requirements and any other legal requirements for attending a school trip to the conference.

Do I have to attend the whole conference?

Yes. You must attend all sessions from the conference Launch and the conference Close. There are no part registrations. Leaving early is disruptive to the overall running of the day as well as unfair to students who have worked very hard to put together a presentation.

As an adult am I required to attend the conference or is it just for my students?

All teachers and parents must attend all parts of the conference. The Kids Teaching Kids workshops are very entertaining and are an excellent example of how the method works in practice so they should not be missed. Teachers have full responsibility for their students at all times, so it is essential you take part the full day.

Do I have to make a presentation at the conference to be able to attend?

No. You can simply attend and participate in the conference without making a workshop presentation, although making a presentation is a hugely rewarding experience for both students and teachers.

Can we include a parent to meet the required 1 to 10 teacher student ratio?

Yes. Providing you meet all your school excursion supervisory requirements (which are the responsibility of each individual school to organise) then there is no problem with substituting parents to ensure you meet the 1 to 10 ratio, however, there should be at least 1 teacher per group.

What is the maximum number of students and teachers that I can register per school?

The maximum number that can register from a school is 2 teachers and 8 students. Due to limited places, we can’t accept school groups bigger than the maximum.

For accounting purposes, what is the GST component of the registration cost?

We often get requests from school account managers asking what portion of the registration cost is meals so they can calculate the GST. The registration cost is a nominal contribution and does not cover the $1000 per head participant cost, it is simply a registration contribution i.e. there is no breakdown for food or other costs. This means your GST is simply 10% of your registration cost e.g. for a full registration cost of $200 the GST is $20 so the total cost is $220.  

Kids Teaching Kids Week

How is Kids Teaching Kids Week different to a Kids Teaching Kids Conference?

Kids Teaching Kids Week is a national celebration. There will be thousands of student-led presentations across Australia, celebrating and recognising the outstanding environmental work that is taking place in Australian schools and communities. Kids Teaching Kids Week takes place 9th-13th 2019. Registering for Kids Teaching Kids Week is a commitment to presenting a student-led workshop sometime during the week.  This could be within a class or between different classes at your school. Alternatively, you may decide to host an event involving a number of schools and round-robin workshop presentations, or you could get involved with an event happening near you. 

How do we find out about events happening near us?

Check out the Events section of our Facebook page for a current listing of registered events or contact the office and speak with our Education Manager about events in your area.  New events are always popping up and being added through out the year.  If you don't see one in your area, register your interest and our education team will get in touch with you as soon as an event in your area becomes available.  You may even consider hosting your own!  

Can we attend an event just as a spectator and not present?

Kids Teaching Kids events need a combination of spectator schools and presenting schools. Attending as a spectator school only can be a good introduction to Kids Teaching Kids for your students; then you can present the following year. You will need to contact the event host or the KTK team to find out what spaces are available at the event you would like to attend.

How many students can attend?

The number and year level of the students who can attend will depend on the event. Some events may be limited to 4 or 10 students, while you may be able to take a whole class or year level to other events. Contact the event host or the KTK team to find out more details.