A TV special featuring Arron Wood

Could Melbourne/Victoria run out of water like Cape Town? In the special, environmental educator (and Acting Lord Mayor of Melbourne), Arron Wood, travels the state to see what’s being done to ensure our water supply in the future and shows just how finely balanced this supply will be.

He talks with farmers, town planners, irrigators and park rangers, tours the desalination plant, goes underground at the MCG and learns more about the Werribee sewage treatment plant, to see how recycled water is being used for industry and in new housing developments.

Arron offers a clear vision for effective, practical and targeted outcomes on water, and reinforces how we need to do more with less by keeping to the target of using 155 litres per person, per day. He shows that it’s about preparing for the worst and hoping for the best to ensure we can have a sustainable water future for all Victorians given the massive increase in population. One where our water supply is secure, our rivers and bays are healthy and storm-water/sewage is recycled or used beneficially.