Workshops Galore!

Kids Teaching Kids Week is an amazing time when over 10,000 students around Australia come together to share their thoughts, actions, and dreams for our environment. The KTK team are always amazed and inspired by the creative and innovative workshops that are presented by students – it’s true that kids make the best teachers!

Although it was difficult (and there was plenty of arguing amongst the KTK Team!), we’ve managed to pick 5 stand out workshop activities and ideas presented during 2017 Kids Teaching Kids Week events to share.

To see even more of the brilliant workshop activities presented during #KTKWeek2017 check out our gallery and our social media platforms (search for #KTKWeek2017) for pictures!

mountw  Mount Waverley Primary School

Being a 5 Star ResourceSmart School means that Mount Waverley Primary School have tons of cool sustainability initiatives up their sleeves!

During their KTK Event, the Mount Waverley students introduced their audience to the concept of ‘Target Tuesdays’. After lunch on Tuesdays, all students search for rubbish on the ground to toss onto the tarp target – if the amount of rubbish collected only fills the small bullseye the whole school receives icy poles as a reward!

A fun, engaging way to encourage students to minimise their rubbish!



 John Paul College

Who knew you could crochet to save the environment! At the Parks Victoria Point Nepean event, John Paul College showed their students how to convert plastic bags from waste into useful items.

By cutting up plastic waste into thin strips and crocheting them together, this plastic waste is turned into a sleeping mat that can be used by a person in need!

cradle  Boat Harbour Primary School

How about adding a little competition to your plenary activities!?

At the end of Boat Harbour Primary School’s workshop, their audience raced to answer 4 questions about what they had learnt during the lesson. When a group worked out a correct answer they were rewarded with a puzzle piece! The first team to complete the puzzle won.

A great interactive way to test the knowledge gained throughout the workshop!

chips Sunshine Coast Kids in Action!

Students spent 4 days collecting chip packets from their school playground to create this stunning visual prop.

The 297 packets were wrapped together to make a giant trash ball to emphasise to their audience how much rubbish there really is in our playgrounds!

 IMG_1395 (800x600)  Middle Kinglake Primary School

The Prep class at Middle Kinglake Primary school used music and drama to teach their audience about Sea Turtles!

The Preps sang  ‘Here We Go’ by Birdsong and the Eco-wonders which explains the route taken by baby sea turtles right after they’ve hatched from their eggs!

To check out the full song, click here.