Sneak Peak – Presentations at the Melbourne Water KTK Conference

If you’re coming along to the 2015 Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference, you’re in for a real treat with over 30 schools putting together workshops, videos, main stage performances and EPD activities. There are so many exciting things that schools have planned, so here is a little taster for you.

Armadale Primary School – Enviroguy

A student at a primary school in Melbourne drops some plastic rubbish on the ground. Before he knows what has happened a special superhero appears before his eyes and takes him on a special voyage of discovery though drains, creeks and rivers and finally to Port Phillip Bay. What he learns along the way will change his habits for life.

Enviroguy saves the day in this video from Armadale Primary School!

Snapshot 2 (5-10-2015 1-44 PM)


Beaconsfield Upper Primary School – Hippy Heaven

The Earth is in a mess, with pollution affecting our rivers, lakes and seas. Help is needed and comes in the form of an alien spaceship, containing a VW kombi, filled with little ‘Hippy’ styled creatures, who use their magic vehicle to clean and educate humans about caring for their waterways.   

Students from Beaconsfield Upper Primary School have tried their hands at claymation in this video about working together to look after the planet!

Snapshot 2 (5-10-2015 2-31 PM)


Coatesville Primary School – Don’t throw the river away!

Are we literally trashing our rivers and waterways or have we realized they are precious resources? This workshop will highlight the cause and effect of pollutants that enter our waterways, who is responsible and whether best practice being followed. We will work together and explore some options in order to maintain the health of our rivers and waterways. Your artistic talent will be utilised to create a visual representation of potentially harmful pollutants and create an artwork which could be used as a starting point for action back in your school. 

You’ll be creating some beautiful mandalas with Coatesville Primary School out of some not so beautiful rubbish in their workshop. Check out these photos of their trial run at school.


Nunawading Christian College – What threatens Blackburn Lake Sanctuary?

Join us in investigating how humans endanger the habitat at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.  We will show you the journey of Freddo the Frog as he treks through the perilous waterways that lead to the lake at the Sanctuary. You will learn about the effects of contaminated waterways on local wildlife and how we each contribute to the ecosystem.  Ultimately, you will leave our presentation asking yourself: “what role do I play in keeping our waterways, and the creatures who rely on it, safe”?

Nunawading Christian College have been working with City of Whitehorse to learn all about human impacts on this important environment at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary. They gave their workshop a run through at the Kids Teaching Kids Week event hosted by City of Whitehorse and are all ready to go!

Nunawading Christians photo