Target KTK Week – the countdown is on!

There’s less than 1 week to go until Target Kids Teaching Kids Week. We hope you and your students are getting as excited as we are!

We love seeing your workshop plans popping up in our inbox, so keep sending them in.

From the plans we have received, students are tackling some big issues in 2015; from disappearing bee populations and impact of single use plastics to renewable energy and conserving threatened species. We’re seeing lots of costumes and props being made; and experiments, song, dance, drama and, most importantly, fun being planned!

We recommend spending 10-15 minutes with your students reflecting on their workshop and what is working well and any tweaks they can make to ensure things run smoothly. You can use the Workshop Checklist to help with this process.

Here are some other tips for what you should be focusing on in the final days before your event:

  • Practice, practice, practice
    • The more your students have run through their workshop, the less nervous they will be. Practising in front of a real audience will also help them to work out some of the logistical issues and ensure that their explanations are clear.
  • Timing
    • Depending on the event you are going to, your workshop may be 20, 30 or 40 minutes. Make sure your students have assigned a time keeper on the day who will let the rest of the group know if they are running out of time. It’s also a good idea to have a couple of extra quiz questions up your sleeve in case you finish your workshop early.
  • Resources
    • Create an equipment list so you don’t forget anything on the day. Make sure you know how many times you will be presenting and rough audience sizes so you can make sure you have enough resources, particularly if you have things that will be used up or give-aways.
  • Media
    • Celebrate the great work that you and your students are doing by getting in contact with your local media outlets. We have information about contacting media as well as media release templates to help you. Send them some photos of your students in action to catch their attention and don’t forget to send us a copy of any articles that get published!

Good luck with your workshop from all of us here at KTK!!!!