State and local governments using KTK model to meet corporate values and objectives

City of Mandurah in Western Australia recently released a discussion paper titled ‘Local Government and Kids Teaching Kids leading Sustainability – A Case Study’. This discussion paper identifies the benefits of local council implementing Kids Teaching Kids as an integral part of their youth, environment and sustainability programs.

For the past three years City of Mandurah has hosted a Kids Teaching Kids Conference as part of the National Kids Teaching Kids Week Program. The City of Mandurah – Kids Teaching Kids partnership has enable hundreds of students to learn more about the local environment and take practical action on environmental issues in their communities. A framework for learning rather than a content provider, the Kids Teaching Kids program enables numerous environmental organisations to work collaboratively on a youth engagement program that increases the wider-community’s knowledge and understanding of the local environment.

‘The Kids Teaching Kids program as we have implemented it at the City of Mandurah over the past few years has proved to be a brilliant model for local government. The program encourages pro-social behaviours and problem solving skills in young locals, and delivers outcomes that meet high end strategic objectives in the areas of Community Development, Youth Leadership and Sustainable Development, Environment Management and Climate Change Services at the City of Mandurah’ says Kids Teaching Kids Coordinator Joanne Ludbrook.


The City of Mandurah identified the benefits of running a Kids Teaching Kids Program as follows:

  • Creating a vibrant atmosphere
  • Exposing local youth leaders to industry professionals
  • Inspiring industry leaders to connect with community
  • Allowing for the opportunity for collaborations between the conferences
  • Greater attraction for industry leaders, decision makers and media to attend
  • Streamlined event planning to reduce costs
  • Community partnerships
  • Strong relationships with schools, communities and industry leaders
  • Economic growth
  • Increased Tourism


The Kids Teaching Kids program also addressed the corporate values and objectives by:

  • Showing strong leadership and organisational excellence by committing to investing in local leadership and being at the forefront of Coastal and Climate issues and solutions
  • Promoting and show casing local leadership
  • Celebrating the local area
  • Increasing the connection between different groups amongst the community
  • Promoting and planning for sustainable actions amongst the community
  • Attracting world leaders to the area via the events
  • Promoting tourism in the area by show casing the local area for its natural values
  • Attract other events through positive exposure
  • Providing economic growth


With the program now embedded in the local calendar, this year’s Conference rapidly hit capacity registering over 200 students before the end of semester 1. The City of Mandurah is not a unique case; they are one of many local and state government agencies using Kids Teaching Kids to meet the organisational objectives.  Sunshine Coast Council, Brimbank City Council, Banyule City and Nillumbik Shire Councils, Local Land Services NSW, Cradle Coast NRM and Parks Victoria are just a few of the local and state agencies that host their own Kids Teaching Kids Conferences as part of the National Kids Teaching Kids Program.

To read the full report or to find out more about how Kids Teaching Kids can be implemented by your council contact Michelle Sanders, Kids Teaching Kids Program Manager.