What does a workshop look like?

There are many different formats that a Kids Teaching Kids workshop can take. It is all about what works for you and your students.

A typical Kids Teaching Kids workshop is 40 minutes long, however you will need to confirm details with your event host as some times workshops may be shorter. Your students will typically present their workshop twice, but again you will need to confirm this with your event host.

A great place to tune into the idea of an interactive workshop is to check out our Kids Teaching Kids YouTube Channel which has a number of performances presented by past participants.

Workshop Model 1
Below are a number of workshop models that have worked very well in the past. The most popular and the one we recommend to new schools is Workshop Model 1. This allows the presenting group to break into small teams and then each team is able to focus on one area of the workshop rather than having to know all the content. This model works well with 20 minute, 30 minute or 40 minute workshop

Below are two other options that you could follow which work for 40 minute workshops – model 2 or model 3.

Workshop Checklist
Once your students have planned out their workshop, working through this checklist can be a useful way to highlight things that they may not have thought about. For example, what are they going to do if they finish early?

Answering the Unanswerable
We’ve all had those moments when you get a question from the audience and end up wishing that the ground would open up and swallow you whole! If it’s bad for you as an adult, imagine how scary it is for your students. Spending some time talking through with the students what to do if they get a question that they can’t answer, can save them from coming away from the workshop feeling like it was a disaster. Remember, the questions come at the end, so if they don’t go well, they will be your students’ lasting memory!


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