Where are they now? – Briody Fahey

Name: Briody Fahey Age: 17 School: Silkwood School (QLD)

What Kids Teaching Kids events were you involved in?

  • 2012 Melbourne Water International Kids Teaching Kids Conference
  • 2013 Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference
  • 2014 Kids Teaching Kids Week at Silkwood School

What topic/s did you present on?

We presented workshops on connecting to the environment through indigenous culture. We did a range of artistic and sensory activities engaging our participants through hands on learning. KTK edit - check out videos from Silkwood School on our YouTube channel

Do you remember how you felt before and after presenting?

Before presenting, I was both nervous and excited, but after, I was extremely proud of our group and happy with our outcome.

What other memories do you have of the Kids Teaching Kids conference/s?

I remember it being really fun! It was awesome to connect with kids from all over Australia who were all environmentally aware and keen to get involve, learn and teach. It made me feel important, apart of something bigger, and inspired me to keep sharing my knowledge about the environment with others.

Did you learn anything new at the conference/s that have helped you later in life?

It has helped me to have confidence when running workshops / doing speeches. I also learned how to create a workshop and the best ways to present ideas, knowledge, and opinions to a group.

Tell us what you have been up to since your involvement with Kids Teaching Kids.

In 2015 I created a not-for-profit organisation called Youth 4 Beaches which aims to inspire and lead young people to take action towards the environment and to understand how important it is to our lives. I still continue with this organisation today, running monthly clean ups at our local beach and presenting workshops to people looking to reduce their waste.