Where are they now? – Adelle Matthews

Name: Adelle Matthews Age: 25 School: Bamera Primary School (SA)

What Kids Teaching Kids events were you involved in?

  • 2001 MDBA International River Health Conference (Mildura)
  • 2011 International Kids Teaching Kids Conference (Adelaide) - volunteer

What topic/s did you present on?

At the 2001 Mildura River Health Conference, myself and three other students from Barmera Primary School presented a workshop on Water Watch and macro-invertebrates. I remember going down to the river and collecting water samples before our workshop as participants were to try and find different macro-invertebrates in the water samples supplied.

Do you remember how you felt before and after presenting?

I remember feeling nervous about presenting to other students I didn't know before the workshop but I felt confident because of the support from my fellow Barmera student presenters and our teacher. After the workshop I felt happy that we had taught others skills that many of them did not know before the workshop.

What other memories do you have of the Kids Teaching Kids conference/s?

The yabby! I remember taking photos with someone dressed up in an amazing yabby costume. I also fondly remember writing my name on the River Health Conference Quilt for that year, something that I know has become a highlight for many students attending conferences since. I have memories of watching performances at the delicious evening meals cooked by Stefano De Peiri and participating in wonderful workshops hosted by other students at the conference. It was wonderful to meet and interact with so many different people!

Did you learn anything new at the conference/s that have helped you later in life?

I believe that presenting at the workshop helped to plant a love of teaching within me. This became very important as I began to explore possible career options in high school. I loved teaching new skills to others at the conference and the reactions had from those we presented to when they mastered those skills.

Tell us what you have been up to since your involvement with Kids Teaching Kids.

Since participating in the 2001 conference I went on to complete my high schooling at Glossop High School. I then moved three hours away to complete a double Bachelor Degree in Arts / Education (Middle/Secondary) at Flinders University. I was in my final year at university when I volunteered at the 2011 conference and loved every moment of it. I am now a high school teacher at Blackwood High School teaching English, Geography, History and Research Project. I hope to one day soon take a group of students I teach to participate in a Kids Teaching Kids conference as it is such a valuable experience for students to have.