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Water: Enhancing Life and Liveability

There is only a little over 3 months to go until we launch the 2018 Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference! We have over 500 delegates from more than 50 schools including interstate representatives from South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Water: Enhancing Life and Liveability The theme this year is all about the role water plays in… Read more


A TV special featuring Arron Wood Could Melbourne/Victoria run out of water like Cape Town? In the special, environmental educator (and Acting Lord Mayor of Melbourne), Arron Wood, travels the state to see what’s being done to ensure our water supply in the future and shows just how finely balanced this supply will be. He… Read more

Sydney Airport proud partner of Kids Teaching Kids 2018!

A message from Sydney Airport Sydney Airport has been a key sponsor of the Kids Teaching Kids program in New South Wales since 2016 and as a business, we are continually exploring new and innovative initiatives that support emerging leaders in their fields. As a peer-to-peer education program, Kids Teaching Kids provides a unique and… Read more

Finding a Mentor

A key focus for the Kids Teaching Kids program is to encourage students to connect with others in their community. Building on the learning that has occurred during their own research, students connect with an adult mentor to continue their work. Mentors play an essential part in the Kids Teaching Kids program with students working alongside… Read more

2017 Annual Report

You can also download the full Kids Teaching Kids 2017 Annual Report.