Mentors and volunteers


One of the most significant elements of the Kids Teaching Kids Learning Model is the role of an industry expert mentor. Our mentors work with teachers and students to bring real world learning and expertise to the workshops being developed by students. The mentor’s role is very important, as they do not attempt to control the presentation, but are there to provide relevant information and valuable industry links – the students take responsibility for their presentations.

Mentors can come from within your own community and you’re very welcome to source your own mentor who could be:

  • A teacher
  • Other members of the school staff
  • Coast action / coast care coordinators
  • Landcare coordinators
  • Parents and grandparents with specific environmental interests
  • Catchment Management Authority
  • Coastal Board
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Advisors / officers
  • Agricultural industry contacts
  • National Parks Rangers
  • Aboriginal consultants
  • Audio/visual and computer experts
  • Rural industry people
  • Natural Resource and Environmental consultants
  • Local government waste management people
  • State Government NRM Organisations
  • Scientists
  • Industry experts

Mentors should be chosen carefully as their role is crucial in exciting students and helping them to make commitment to preserve, conserve and repair their environment.  They are there not to control the presentation but to provide relevant information and to act as a role model for student presenters.  Click here for more information about engaging or becoming a mentor.


Volunteers are an essential part of our conferences; without their support these events would not run as well as we have planned for them to. As a Volunteer you will be working with students who have traveled from all over Australia to attend the event and will have the opportunity to watch Kids Teaching Kids presentations in action.

There are a range of roles and opportunities to become involved as a volunteer at one of our KTK conference click here to find out more or on the tab below.