Where are they now? – Azra Hadzic

Name: Azra Hadzic Age: 18 School: Silverton Primary School, Dandenong High School (VIC)

What Kids Teaching Kids events were you involved in?

  • 2008 Melbourne Water River Health Youth Conference (Melbourne)
  • 2010 Melbourne Water Youth Conference (Melbourne)
  • 2011 Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference (Melbourne)
  • 2011 International Kids Teaching Kids Conference (Adelaide)
  • 2012 Melbourne Water International Kids Teaching Kids Conference (Melbourne)
  • 2012 Kids Teaching Kids Week at Silverton Primary School
  • 2013 Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference (Melbourne)
  • 2013 Kids Teaching Kids Week at Silverton Primary School
  • 2015 Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference - volunteer
  • 2017 Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference - intern and volunteer
  • 2018 Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference - volunteer

What topic/s did you present on?

I remember the first time I did a workshop it was in 2011 we did a presentation on Hyrdocars. One of the activities was setting up a model hydrogen car. The two years after that we did presentations on the water cycle and how it affects the world. One thing that I'll always remember from that workshop would be giving all the kids really dirty water filled with food dye, coffee, stuff like that (there was always one kid who would try to drink it), we would show them how the water cycle can clean it.

Do you remember how you felt before and after presenting?

I always felt nervous the day before. My school always stayed overnight so my classmates and I would always stay up late talking about the presentation freaking out. After presenting though you really feel great, like you've done something to better the people around you and the world.

What other memories do you have of the Kids Teaching Kids conference/s?

At my last conference as a student, my school was asked to do a main stage performance on the gala night. I went on stage in front of hundreds of students and presented with some of the best people I know, it really was a great night.

Did you learn anything new at the conference/s that have helped you later in life?

I learned many things but, one of the most important things was interacting with people. KTK really got me out of my shyness and helped me with nerves when it comes to meeting new people.

Tell us what you have been up to since your involvement with Kids Teaching Kids.

Since KTK I have been studying at RMIT doing Conservation and Land Management. Learning how to protect the world we have. When I finish this course I plan to move to Deakin University and do the Bachelor of Environmental Science (Environmental Management and Sustainability)